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D&O Liability Insurance

Understanding the Importance of D&O Liability Insurance: A Comprehensive Guide

Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance emerges as a crucial safeguard. This guide provides insight into what d&o policy insurance entails, its significance, policy features, coverage, and managing related claims effectively.


Unveiling Myths vs. Facts

Demystifying Cyber Insurance: Unveiling Myths vs. Facts

The threat of cyber attacks looms large over businesses of all sizes. Yet, amidst the rising concerns, there exists a veil of misconceptions surrounding cyber insurance.


Need of Cyber Insurance

Understanding the Need and Importance of Cyber Insurance for Individuals in India

The virtual world has become an integral part of your life. From social networking to online banking, your personal information is constantly being shared and stored online.


Cyber insurance claim process

What is cyber insurance claim process: A step by step guide

Securing your business with cyber insurance is a wise move. Understanding the claim process is vital to ensure a smooth and successful experience.


Cyber Insurance Exclusions

Navigating Cyber Insurance Exclusions: What You Need to Know to Safeguard Your Claims

In today's digital era, cyber insurance is vital for businesses, but knowing exclusions is crucial. Let's explore these exclusions:



Navigating Challenges in the $10 Billion Cyber-Insurance Industry

The cyber-insurance industry, valued at $10 billion, plays a crucial role in addressing cybersecurity risks.


Cyber Battle Challenges

Bengaluru’s Cyber Battle Challenges, Initiatives and the path ahead

Bengaluru, known as the Silicon Valley of India, witnessed a staggering 77% surge in cybercrime cases, reaching a record 17,623 in 2023


Cyber Coverage

Exploring the Extensive Coverage of Cyber Insurance

In our digital era, cyber threats are escalating, requiring innovative solutions. Cyber insurance is now essential for individuals and businesses


Cyber Insurance Landscape

Global and Indian Cybersecurity & Cyber Insurance Landscape

In the evolving digital landscape, India's cyber insurance market is witnessing significant growth, gaining strategic importance


Cyber Insurance

Safeguard Your Finances with Cyber Insurance

Cyber incidents are becoming increasingly common in India, with over 3,500 financial frauds reported daily, as highlighted by the National Cyber Security Coordinator.


Insurance Insights

Health Insurance Insights: An Eye-Opening Fact for India

Did you know that the dynamics of health insurance growth in India vary significantly across the globe? In the United States


Handling Car Accidents

Don't Let Little Scratches Turn Into Big Headaches

Car accidents happen, and often, we tend to ignore those little scratches, thinking they're not a big deal. Letting them pile up can lead to unexpected troubles.



Individual Stages Death to Fraudulently Claim Insurance

Man falsifies death, attempts payouts from six insurers.



Missing Motor keys may lead to insurance claim denial for vehicle theft

Insurers may deny stolen Motor claims without complete key set.



Massive Insurance Claim Arises from Fire Incident

Insurance companies face massive claim as Bathinda Refinery fire results in extensive damages.


Ganeshotsav 2023

GSB Mandal Secures Rs.360Cr Insurance for Ganeshotsav-23

India's Richest Lord Ganesha Idol Prepares for 69th Year Celebration, secures Rs.360Cr Insurance for Ganeshotsav

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