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Bengaluru’s Cyber Battle Challenges, Initiatives and the path ahead

Bengaluru, known as the Silicon Valley of India, witnessed a staggering 77% surge in cybercrime cases, reaching a record 17,623 in 2023. Police Commissioner B. Dayananda has emphasized the importance of registering cyber cases in law and order, enhancing accessibility.

Key Points:
- Improved reporting through a cyber tip line, NCRP, and converting 112 complaints into FIRs.
- "Cyber Tip a Day" social media campaign educates the public on cyber threats.
- Challenges include non-cooperation from service providers, banks, and global tech platforms.
- Formation of four Special Investigation Teams to address the growing cybercrime issue.
- Only 1,271 cases were detected out of 17,623 in 2023, with 14,285 cases under investigation.

In summary, Bengaluru is actively combating cyber threats through various initiatives but faces challenges in addressing the complexity of the issue, requiring continuous improvement in the cyber security framework.


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