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Marine insurance is a crucial type of coverage that provides protection for cargo and shipments during transit across land, sea, or air. It offers financial security to businesses engaged in international trade or shipping activities through marine policy insurance, safeguarding against potential losses or damages that may occur during the transportation process.

This insurance solution ensures that businesses involved in import/export, logistics, or shipping have the necessary coverage to mitigate risks associated with transportation through the policy of marine insurance. It covers various types of marine-related risks, including damage to cargo, theft, vessel accidents, and even liability for third-party claims.Warranty in marine insurance provides additional assurances regarding the condition or handling of the cargo, offering further protection for businesses during transit.


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Main features

Marine policy insurance provides peace of mind to businesses involved in international trade and shipping activities. It ensures that goods are protected during transit and mitigates financial risks associated with transportation hazards.

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?Can I insure goods in transit under insurance

Yes, marine insurance covers goods in transit, providing protection against damage, loss, or theft during transportation.

?Are acts of piracy covered under marine insurance?

Yes, marine insurance can provide coverage for losses or damages resulting from acts of piracy during maritime operations.

?What is the general average in marine insurance

General average is a principle in marine insurance where all parties involved in a maritime venture proportionally share the losses incurred for the common good, such as during a ship grounding or cargo jettisoning.

?Can marine insurance cover consequential losses

Yes, marine insurance policies can include coverage for consequential losses, which may include financial losses resulting from delayed deliveries or business interruptions due to covered events.

?How do I file a marine insurance claim

To file a marine insurance claim, report the incident to your insurance company or their appointed surveyor, provide supporting documentation, and follow the claim submission process.

?What does marine insurance typically cover

Marine insurance covers cargo damage or loss during transportation, vessel damage, liability for third-party injuries or property damage, and other maritime risks.

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