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Individual Stages Death to Fraudulently Claim Insurance

In a complex and deceptive scheme, an autorickshaw driver from Delhi orchestrated his own demise to facilitate an insurance claim of Rs 16 lakh. Assisted by a police officer, a doctor, a bank employee, and others, the plan aimed to secure the insurance payout for his wife. Moreover, they intended to replicate this process with multiple insurance companies until their fraudulent activities were discovered.

The Rajasthan Police's Special Operations Group (SOG) apprehended six individuals in connection with this case, while two additional suspects remain at large. The gang went to great lengths to validate their claims, manufacturing counterfeit post-mortem reports and death certificates. In an alarming revelation, it was also discovered that they had falsified the cause of death of a cancer patient, misrepresenting it as a road accident to claim insurance.

The investigation unfolded after reports were received by the Kotwali Police Station in Dausa regarding suspicious post-mortem practices involving living individuals. Subsequently, a similar incident was reported at Ramgarh's Pachwada Police Station in the same district. Recognizing the possibility of a gang operation, the director general of police transferred the case to the SOG for further investigation. The key individuals involved in this elaborate scheme included Raghuraj Singh, an employee of FRM Investigation Agency in Dwarka, Delhi, who colluded with Ramesh Chand, an assistant sub-inspector (ASI) at Kotwali Dausa Police Station, and Satish Kumar Khandelwal, a senior medical officer from a government hospital. Additionally, Rajesh Kumar, an employee of Union Bank of India, advocate Chaturbhaj Meena, and Yash Chauhan from Delhi were also implicated.

The gang insured Jitendra Singh, the autorickshaw driver, with six different insurance companies prior to his alleged demise. They meticulously fabricated FIR reports and post-mortem documents to substantiate their claims when filing for insurance payouts. However, their fraudulent activities were exposed when Birla Sun Life, one of the insurance companies, detected discrepancies in the documentation during their verification process and subsequently lodged a complaint.

SOG Chief Umesh Mishra stated that his team is scrutinizing all recent post-mortem and accident cases handled by ASI Ramesh Chand and Dr. Satish Kumar Khandelwal to determine if additional instances of fraudulent activities have taken place. This investigation aims to uncover the extent of the gang's activities and bring any further perpetrators to justice.


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