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Missing car keys may lead to insurance claim denial for vehicle theft

If you file an insurance claim for car theft without possessing all car keys, your claim may be denied. When filing an insurance claim for a stolen car, it is crucial to have all the car keys in your possession. Failure to provide both keys can lead to claim rejection by the insurer. Typically, when you purchase a new car, you receive two keys. In the unfortunate event of theft, if one of the keys is lost or misplaced, it may result in the denial of your insurance claim.

To ensure a smooth claims process and avoid claim rejection, it is essential to have both car keys available when making an insurance claim. While it is not mandatory for insurers to ask for both keys according to the regulations set by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), it is highly recommended. The reason insurers ask for both keys is to distinguish between theft and negligence. If a car owner leaves the keys inside the car, and the vehicle is stolen during that time, it is considered the owner's negligence. Providing both car keys serves as evidence that there was no negligence on the owner's part. It also helps establish that there is no intention to defraud the insurance company.

It is important not to attempt submitting keys from another car of the same model to the insurer. Although the design of car keys may appear similar for a particular brand and model, insurers have mechanisms in place to verify if the keys provided belong to the stolen car. During the assessment of theft claims, insurers evaluate various details and evidence, including circumstantial information, verbal and written narrations, investigations, and police reports. These factors help determine the facts surrounding the incident. The keys submitted by the insured are evaluated based on the vehicle's usage and cross-checked against the initial declarations and statements provided.

To emphasize, submitting fake keys to the insurer is strongly discouraged. For example, if the stolen car is found during a police search, and it is discovered that the keys submitted by the insured do not work in the vehicle, it can lead to severe consequences for submitting false information to the insurer.

To follow best practices when it comes to car keys and insurance claims: 1. Safeguard both car keys, even if one gets worn out or damaged. Keeping both keys can strengthen your insurance claim if your car is stolen. 2. Consider adding a car key replacement insurance rider to your car insurance policy. This can help cover the cost of replacing the entire car lockset, including getting two new keys, in case of loss or theft. Having this coverage ensures a higher chance of getting a lost key replaced by replacing the lockset, which can be an expensive process. By adhering to these practices, you can ensure a smoother insurance claim process and avoid potential claim rejection related to missing or fraudulent car keys.


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