All the insurance companies are to accept all cases of Corona Virus They are to deal with Corona virus cases in a very thorough manner before repudiating the claim.

When a person is found to be infected or suspected to have the Corona Virus (Covid 19) he is immediately quarantined either in a Government hospital or/and Military hospital. In these hospitals generally, the government would bear the expenses of the treatment or the costs would be very very nominal. Therefore our Health insurance policies would be useful in private hospitals where we have to pay.

The insurance companies have now come out with a specific benefit policy for Covid 19. This can be used if one is infected or suspected to be infected and kept in quarantine. If the test report states the patient is infected, then the Sum Insured is given in full. On the other hand, if the patient is tested negative, then 50% of the Sum Insured is given to him. These policies come with a nominal cost.

Some companies have also come out with Corporate policies for Covid 19.

In these policies pre and post expenses are covered, a daily cash benefit is also provided and hospitalization expenses are also covered.

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